David Hancock Interview

David Hancock Interview

Eagle Biologist David Hancock was interviewed by Christian Sasse on Sassephoto YouTube channel last Friday June 1st 2018. They had an interaction with the public on the polemic topic about trapping  eagles and put a transmitter on them for studies. David Hancock, who...

The Eagles Have Done It Again

Hancock here AGAIN. The Eagles are still coming!! Today, Saturday Dec. 11, 2010, was an incredible day of bald eagle watching. By noon there were still more than 6000 eagles on the flats feeding, in the surrounding trees and flying overhead.  It was a truly wondrous...

Lifting Capacity of Eagles

Eagles are predators but they have a very small lifting capacity.  Many times I have described our experiments and field observations on what eagles can lift. Generally a male can lift about 1.5 pounds and a female up to 2.5 to 3 pounds — the latter if there is...

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