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Abominable Snowmen: legend come to life

By: Sanderson, Ivan
ISBN: 9781931882583
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 525
Photos: 0
Illustrations: 0
Publication Date: 2006

PR Highlights: 30yrs of accumulated material clearly explained
PHOTO Highlights: 8pg bw photo section, 16maps

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Description: One of the world's leading naturalist believes up to four types of yeti still walk the earth! Factual reports of wild, strange, hairy men have emanated from every continent except Australia and the Antarctic! Reprint by Adventures Unlimited Press '06. Do Abominable Snowmen exist? Prepare yourself for a shock. In the opinion of one of the world's leading naturalists, not one, but possibly four separate kinds still walk the earth! Do they really live on the fringes of the towering Himalayas and the edge of myth-haunted Tibet? They do, but we are far more likely to catch one in the United States! Northern California and its almost impenetrable Klamath Forests may hide the astonishing evidence. From how many areas in the world have factual reports of wild, strange, hairy men emanated? Every continent, except the Antarctic! In this book, Ivan Sanderson, who accumulated material for 30 years on this subject, explains in language as plain and clear as a news flash just why no Snowman has ever been captured and kept for a zoo or a museum-although one was caught during the last century, in Canada.

Author Biography:

Ivan T. Sanderson was a worldfamous zoologist and writer. He also published exhaustively in scientific journals under the auspices of the British Museum, the Chicago Museum of Natural History and other institutions. He held degrees with honors from Cambridge University, in botany, zoology, and geology, and also studied anatomy and physical anthropology.

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