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Alaska Biography Series #3 - Hughes - H. Beatus

By: Madison, Curt, Yarber, Yvonne
ISBN: 0-88839-063-7/9780888390639
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 11"
Pages: 72
Photos: 57
Illustrations: 1
Publication Date: 1980

PR Highlights: A biography of Henry Beatus, Sr. of Hughes, AK
PHOTO Highlights: B/w historical photos throughout.

Description: The life and times of Native Eskimo Henry Beatus, Sr. of Hughes, Alaska. Henry Beatus Sr. lives in Hughes on the Koykuk River. He was born there and raised by his grandparents who educated him in their old ways - an education which did not come from books and reading and writing. He watched, listened and followed the old people and their stories. His education was also a result of living and working in a changing world. In his lifetime came the heavy equipment, outboard motors, snow machines, telephones, electricity and Native corporations. Henry has learned how to operate and maintain much of the technology that has touched his life. And he continues to fish, hunt, trap and remember the old stories. His life is an expression of the old ways and the new coming together. His concerns are for the future of his children and his home. "It's not our way to show our greatest side," is one of the things he teaches his children. Henry follows his teachings. So those of you who know Henry may also know other stories of him.

Author Biography:

I try to think like that. Try to say better things about somebody else. That's just the way Grandpa Beatus was. I tell my kids the same thing. I try to explain to them that it's just not our way to show our greatest side. It's not the way our old people used to be.

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