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Border Heritage

By: Skolleborg, Jens
ISBN: 0-88839-257-5
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 11"
Pages: 72
Photos: 64
Illustrations: 1
Publication Date: 1990

PR Highlights: 64 drawings by Jens Skolleborg.
PHOTO Highlights: 64 line drawings & 1 photo.

Description: As history is overcome by progress, Jens Skolleborg captures the essence of the past in this small volume of exquisite pen-and-ink drawings. These detailed sketches are rigidly accurate yet flowing and warm in feel and texture.The artist has researched each historic building to absorb the authentic character of the time and that chameleon like grafting of personality is transferred through his pen, entering each building renditions that it fairly radiates off the page. Both the artist pen and hear are captured here. he area adjacent to the Surrey / Blaine border has a varied and colorful past.
The early pioneers settled here, tilled the soil, built their homesteads, and fished the local waters. Together they developed this beautiful part of the west, and glimpses of our fading history, although rapidly disappearing, can still be seen in the structures remaining form that era - those that have not fallen prey to new developments or natural decay. This book is published in an attempt to enhance our understanding of this unique heritage and point out the locations of these historical local landmarks.
Many have disappeared in the past few years, and many are in various stages of deterioration, but it is hoped that the drawings on these pages will kindle an interest in what for most is a forgotten part of history and culture.

Author Biography:

Jens Skollebor was born in Halden, Norway, in 1935 into a wealthy landowning family, and started drawing at a very early age. As his father owned a machine shop, metal foundry, sawmill, carpentry shop, garage, etc., he was encouraged to acquire an in-depth knowledge of different trades, and he became a machinist at age 14. That same year, he had his first public art exhibition. Discourage by a strong-willed father from pursing an active career in art, he joined the Royal Norwegian Air Force at age 16. After technical training in the US, the young Skolleborg returned to Norway to become head of the 338th Fight/Bomber Squadron's radio, radar, and instruments departments, all the while actively pursuing his consuming interest in art and having local shows. After obtaining his degree in engineering in 1957, he emigrated to Canada, and has been a long time resident of the Hazelmere Valley.
He has had numerous shows in Canada, the US, and Mexico. His works are represented in major art collections and corporate boardrooms. He is an active member in The Federation of Canadian Artists and the recipient of numerous art awards.

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