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Coast Salish: their art & culture (revised)

By: Ashwell, Reg, Hancock, David
ISBN: 0-88839-620-1/9780888396204
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 96
Photos: 171
Illustrations: 5
Publication Date: 2006

This book although carefully researched, was not written for study in anthropological circles. Rather it is intended as light and enjoyable reading to whet the appetite of those who would like to increase their knowledge of a rich ways of life which flourished in Coastal BC, and the state of Washington before disintegrating forces, spearheaded by the coming of non-Indians, swept the old Northwest native cultures away. The fascinating culture of the largest of the Northwest Coast tribes, the Coast Salish, dates back centuries. Renowned for basketry and weaving skills, their artistic expression was also evident in the beautiful masks they carved for the ceremonial dances and story telling that were an essential part of their complex caste-based society. Believing in the essential oneness of man with nature, the Coast Salish lived in harmony with the environment that supplied all their basic needs, until the arrival of the early explorers and fur traders altered tribal life forever.

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