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Cutting up the North: the history of the forest industry in the northern interior

By: Bernsohn, Ken
ISBN: 0-88839-114-5
Binding: Trade Cloth
Size: 11" X 8.5"
Pages: 192
Photos: 69
Illustrations: 0
Publication Date: 1978

PR Highlights: A historical look at the forest industry in BC
PHOTO Highlights: B/w historical photographs throughout.

Description: Anecdotes form old loggers, bafflegab from officials, sensations headlines that makes fascinating reading and is sure to delight and infuriate anyone with an interest in the biggest industry in the north. This lively book introduces the characters of the forest industry, from mill hands to magnates. These are the people who opened up the north. They raped the forests, endured the ostracism of the respectable, took their lives in their hands to drive huge trucks or top fall spars -- and forged a lifestyle that has become the stuff of legends. The coming of the railways, the companies, the unions -- the conflicts, the deals, the government's attempts to regulate -- there is plenty of action and plenty of dirt.

Author Biography:

Ken Bernsohn has written books, a radio show about the Northern Interior and over 200 articles for everything from Organic Gardening and Road and Track to the I.W.A. and Council of Forest Industries. He now lives, in exile, in the Lower Mainland where he's the editor of Forest Insight and associate editor of Hiballer Forest Magazine. He spends his time on the job on the phone calling the north. As a backpacker, fisherman, outdoor photographer, hunter and full-time outdoor enthusiast, Ken spends as much time as possible away from his typewriter.

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