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Fall Guy: 30 years as the Duke's double


By: Theone, Bodie, Roberson, Bad Chuck, Wayne, John
ISBN: 0-88839-036-X
Binding: Trade Cloth
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 286
Photos: 106
Illustrations: 0
Publication Date: 1980


PR Highlights: Life as John Waynes stuntman.
PHOTO Highlights: Over 100 Historical b/w Photos.

Description: Life as John Waynes stuntman. Chuck Roberson fell off horses for thirty years, doubling for some of the biggest names in moves - John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Gable, Mitchum, and Heston. He and his great horse Cocaine devised a running horse fall that was safe but a spectacular improvement on the cantering lie down horse fall used before, and together they galloped their way into the Stuntman's Hall of Fame. When Cocaine finally quit after 27 years before the cameras, Roberson say his "heart wasn't in it any more." Now retired, he recalls the highlights of his career in this humorous book.

Book Reviews

By Maggie Mon April 12, 2015

"Bad" Chuck Roberson was right in the thick of many favorite movies during the heydays of John Wayne, John Ford, and western movies, and he has a lot to tell. I found his recounts of stunts and falls for so many familiar movies quite interesting. Makes me want to go back and watch them again to look for him and the other stuntmen performing and doubling. I also enjoyed his thoughts and comments on various actors, actresses, and other stuntmen whom he worked with. Reading about the life of a stuntman definitely makes one appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making movies, and the dangerous things they do to make it all work......things we would never know by watching the finished production. As a fan of John Ford/John Wayne westerns it was interesting to find out about the people who made up that company of actors....Ward Bond, John Wayne, Maureen O'Hare; and stuntmen regulars. Also enjoyed his recounts of working with Clark Gable and Robert Mitchum. I did tire of his womanizing stories, but I guess it is who he was, and he is shamelessly honest about that. Actually, drinking and carousing seemed to be a big pastime not only for him but the others on location. Some of it I just skipped over and moved on to more interesting parts. He definitely had special relationship with his stunt horse Cocaine, and it was nice that they could enjoy so many years of teamwork.....both winning honors for their work. These movie makers had a special camaraderie with each other, lots of wild rides, and crazy experiences. Chuck Roberson's book is a window into their world. I would recommend it for western movie fans. Another good read is Harry Carey, Jr.'s book on his experiences making movies in the John Ford stock company.

By Glynn Brownon March 12, 2015

A wonderful book about stunt men and their important role n movie making, especially Westerns. A peak at John Wayne, John Ford and others from different angle. Would highly recommend to all fans of Westerns and of "The Duke".



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