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Frontier Forts and Posts of the Hudson's Bay Company


By: Perry, Kenneth E.
ISBN: 0-88839-598-1
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 11" X 8.5"
Pages: 96
Photos: 127
Illustrations: 25
Publication Date: 2005


PR Highlights: 1800's-1900's in the PNW, BC, Yukon
PHOTO Highlights:

Sample Chapter

Table of Contents

Description: The book offers a brief historical account of fur-trading outposts in the Pacific Northwest. Non-fiction, history-guidebook; 1800s to early 1900s in Pacific Northwest-BC, Yukon, Alaska, Washington State.

Frontier Forts & Posts is a new history guidebook written by Kenneth E. Perry and offers a brief historical account of fur-trading outposts in the Pacific Northwest. Accompanied by numerous historical photos, the book gives readers insight into the colonization of the wild West Coast by the bold and hopeful men looking for a new life as they worked for trading companies. It is a testimonial to the various trading companies, particularly the Hudson's Bay Company, that built vast empires while settling a wild and untamed frontier.
By following the history of these forts, readers will see how the Hudson's Bay Company controlled the fur-trading industry and merchandising supply network at the time and how they employed that sense of spirit and drive to be able to survive the test of time and become a major modern retail business. The book allows readers to revisit a great historical past through a comprehensive collection of western forts and posts. It also serves as an excellent reference and guidebook for amateur historians, students and travelers at large. Frontier Forts & Posts will take readers back to a time of exploration for and exploitation of resources, the likes of which will never be seen again. Full of historical facts on HBC forts and posts, place names, monuments and famous settlers, the book serves as a valuable field reference to many existing historical sites. The book is divided into a number of sections. The first section looks at forts and post in Washington State; section two is focused on BC; section three looks at the Yukon Territory; section four covers forts in Alaska; section five offers directions to a number of historic sites. The book boasts wonderful historic photos throughout and has an index and numerous references. There is also a map that shows the location of all the forts and posts in the collection.

Author Biography

Kenneth Perry Sr. born in 1943 at Victoria, British Columbia. He is the eldest of nine children, with five sisters and three brothers. He is a veteran of the Canadian Army with service in Canada and continental Europe. He has been married for more than forty-one years to his wife Carol; they raised two wonderful children, one boy and one girl. Today, they have four beautiful grandchildren: Mariah, Taylor, Mackenzie and Jaxon. Ken is very much an outdoor enthusiast of hunting, fishing, canoeing and hiking and has developed a life-long interest in local history. Every year in Ken's travels, he attempts to visit as many new places as he can throughout the province. He rarely misses out on visiting a museum, cairn or sign of interest and is always exploring and investigating the local area.
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