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Gold! Gold! A beginners handbook: how to prospect for gold


By: Petralia, Joseph
ISBN: 978-0-88839-118-6
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 112
Photos: 20
Illustrations: 42
Publication Date: 1981


PR Highlights: A Beginner's Handbook for Prospecting for Gold.
PHOTO Highlights: B/w historical photos & sketches throughout.

Description: Recent scientific studies confirm that early miners only scratched the surface and that 75 - 85% of the gold remains in "them thar hills". You can find gold! It's history, recovery methods, and identification techniques are revealed in this book. Learn where to look and what basic equipment you will need. Engage in an exciting, healthy, and profitable new hobby.

Throughout history, the story of mankind and the mention of gold have been closely intertwined. It is almost universally considered to be the symbol of everything that is precious and of enduring value, thereby creating its role as a store of value for individuals and entire nations. The form that it has taken has been multi-faceted: from nuggets, ingots, coins, and idols to the current coin mintage of various countries around the world. It has been highly prized for its own attractive nature as well as its ability to withstand the rigors of time. It has been considered dear both because of the effort required to extract it from nature and its scarcity relative to the other metals on earth.

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