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In Search of Giants: bigfoot-sasquatch encounters


By: Steenburg, Thomas
ISBN: 0-88839-446-2
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 256
Photos: 45
Illustrations: 14
Publication Date: 2000


PR Highlights: The Search For Bigfoot/Sasquatch in western Canada
PHOTO Highlights: B/w photos throughout.

Table of Contents
Sample Chapter

Description: In Search of Giants, gives accounts of sightings that have occurred over the past twenty years throughout western Canada. Many of these encounters have never been written about before and all offer insight into this lasting mystery. The puzzle of the sasquatch has been ongoing since the first white men settled the West and heard stories from the Native population about strange and elusive large, hairy creatures. These stories have endured to present day and eyewitnesses continue to come forward. Unfortunately, no hard physical evidence has been produced. In Search of Giants, gives accounts of sightings that have occurred over the past twenty years throughout western Canada. Many of these encounters have never been written about before and all offer insight into this lasting mystery. This book is sure to interest and intrigue even the most skeptical.


Author Biography

THOMAS STEENBURG went directly from high school into the Canadian Army. He served with the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry, 1st Battalion, Calgary Alberta. He interest in the sasquatch extends back to his childhood and in 1979 he commenced highly active research in Alberta. After leaving the army in 1986, he went on to author three books on sasquatch sightings and incidents in both Alberta and British Columbia. He moved to Mission, British Columbia in 2003 primary to facilitate conducting personal sasquatch research in this province. Tom has made many presentations at sasquatch symposiums and is highly regarded in the field of sasquatch studies as a down to earth researcher. He is one of the few researchers who actively purses evidence of the creature in its wilderness domain. An entry on Tom's activities is included in this volume under Tributes - Canadian and American Researchers. Thomas Steenburg has been fascinated with these creatures and cryptozoology in general since he was a child. He has been actively researching the mystery since 1978. This is Thomas' third book on the subject; he is also the author of Bigfoot-Sasquatch: The Continuing Mystery, another Hancock House title. Thomas will persist in his pursuit of the sasquatch until the question of their existence has been answered, one way or the other.

Book Reviews

By Reid M. Wilson - Published on Amazon.com

In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters is about Thomas Steenburg's Bigfoot research in Canada. The book consists of his interviews with sighting witnesses. Pages 27-28 describe the exciting sighting experience of Robert Harrison and Frank Mier on June 10, 1982 on a dirt forestry road, about sixteen kilometers north of the town of Fernie, British Columbia, seeing a Bigfoot standing in the middle of the road, who turned, ran down the road in front of the pursuing truck, and then made an amazing leap off the road nine feet down the left embankment; the Bigfoot was just over six feet tall with short reddish-brown hair and dark-gray or black skin. Page 67 features a map of British Columbia Bigfoot sighting and footprint reports with the reports scattered throughout the province and on Vancouver Island. Pages 81-84 describe a hunter's experience during the last week of October 1974 southwest of Mackenzie, British Columbia of shooting his rifle into the air and watching a Bigfoot run with tremendous speed and long strides straight down a steep hill. Pages 92-98 describe strange events such as cabin shaking, high-pitched whistles, and rock throwing as well as sightings that happened near the small community of Coalmont, British Columbia during June-July 1986. Pages 98-102 describe Pete Nabb's experience in the summer of 1973 at Hunters Range, 30 miles east of Enderby, British Columbia, of shooting with two other boys .22-caliber rifles at an 8-1/2-9-1/2-foot Bigfoot, who stood still and was unaffected by the bullets; a similar .22-caliber shooting experience with the Bigfoot not affected by the bullets happened on July 10, 1970 in the state of Washington as featured on page 52 of The Sasquatch file,, which also describes on pages 19-20 two reports of a Bigfoot's movements not stopped by shots from a 30.06 rifle. On page 103, Thomas Steenburg makes a possible perception error by not seriously considering six-toed tracks as there are humans with six fingers and six toes. Pages 179-181 describe the shocking experience of Mike Sheen and three boys hearing a screaming animal destroying their camp in Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta on July 10, 1988; after hearing recordings of supposed Bigfoot screams made by Kenny Cooper at the Lummi Tribe Reserve in Washington State in 1975 that sound in the manner of "oohaaaahhh" (as featured in "The Missing Apeman" episode of Arthur C. Clarke Collection: Mysterious World), they all agreed that the screams were the same as those in their shocking experience. Page 247 features a map of Alberta Bigfoot sighting and footprint reports with most of the reports coming from the southwestern region. Some of the Bigfoot reports in In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters are also found in Thomas Steenburg's other book Sasquatch: Bigfoot : The Continuing Mystery. Like John Green, Thomas Steenburg makes an important contribution in the understanding of Bigfoot by collecting witnesses' sighting experiences that show the animal's characteristics and behaviors.

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