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In the footsteps of the Russian Snowman

By: Bayanov, Dmitri
ISBN: 9785900229188
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 240
Photos: 48
Illustrations: 37
Publication Date:

PR Highlights: The first English book on the Abomidable Snowman
PHOTO Highlights: B/w photos throughout.

Description: The world's first English-language book on the searches for the elusive relic hominoid (popularly known as the snowman) in the lands of the former Soviet Union, written by Russian researchers themselves

Author Biography:

Dmitri Bayanov, has been engaged in this investigation since 1964. He has contributed articles on the subject to Current Anthropology, Cryptozoology, Pursuit, Fortean Times and Bigfoot Co-op published in the West. Bayanov is a founding member of the International Society of Cryptozoology set up in 1982, having served on its board for 10 years.

Book Reviews:

By Mr. James A. Newton (London)
31 Oct 2006

I picked this book up at the Fortean Times 'Un-Convention' in 1998. I've been hooked ever since. I guess I read the book at least once every two years, in fact when I get home next month it's on my list to pick up again. The book looks at Russian study into their own Bigfoot/Sasquatch which is generally referred to as 'The Snowman' within scientific circles. The Snowmen are reported from all across the old Soviet empire. The book discusses sightings from across the different regions and studies that have been made into them. It seems that there could be a number of different types of Snowmen, ranging from very human-like beings to those that are much more apelike.
That the Russian scientific community and general population have taken the sightings/stories seriously, and away from the tabloid frenzy that they are so often portrayed as in the West, is testament to a wiser view of the world around them. While the West by and large relegates the study of Bigfoot to folklore and more unkindly hoaxing, some Russian scientists see the Snowmen as neither supernatural, beings from outer space, or merely large bipedal apes, but rather as what they term 'super-animals'; this may explain why they are so hard to track and why they have remained largely unknown. This was a major book find for me. I know it's generally only available second-hand now at very expensive prices, but it's well worth the buy if you can't pick it up from a local library. We hear comparitively so much about bigfoot-like creatures from North America that this is an invaluable insight into what truly is a world-wide phenomenon.

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