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Master Angler: using colour technology to catch more fish


By: Rabideau, Phil
ISBN: 0-88839-561-2
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 96
Photos: 50
Illustrations: 8
Publication Date: 2004


PR Highlights: Using Color Technology to Catch More Fish.
PHOTO Highlights:

Description: The Master Angler is a guide to better fishing no matter your present skill level. 

The Master Angler is a guide to better fishing no matter your present skill level. It is for the serious fishermen who are not happy with their fishing success, as well as the fisherman who is frustrated and seeking answers to the many nagging questions the sport presents.  The Master Angler is unique in that it addresses questions that must be answered before you even whet a line. It takes the guess work out of lure selection. The Book starts first with understanding the physiology of fish and why they behave the way they do. It examines a lure's attributes and guides you in the selection of the right lure. Trial and error fishing is eliminated, and the Book teaches you how to select the right lure before the fist cast. The author has captured much of the science of fishing and condensed it to a practical level for the angler. All technical references are footnoted and supported by personal anecdotal experiences. Finally a book that teaches you what is needed to be a master angler.

Author Biography

Phil Rabideau has been fishing for over 70 years in most of the fisheries in North America. He has a BSEE, a MBA and is a Professional Engineer. Since retirement, he has been a consultant and master lure designer for Sheldon's Inc. which owns Mepps USA, Mepps France and Mister Twister. He lectures at many fishing venues in the NW and Alaska.

Book Reviews

Wisconsin Book Watch: January 2007
By: James A Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review

A master angler in his own right, Phil Rabideau has been fishing the waters of North America for over seventy years and in The Master Angler: Using Color Technology to Catch More Fish, draws upon his seven decades of experience and expertise to take all the hit-and-miss guesswork out of lure selection. Beginning with a presentation on the physiology of fish and fish behavior, The Master Angler lays out the attributes of the lure and the factors in lure selection that will minimize, if not eliminate, the trial-and-error choice which lure to use for which breed of fish and in what kinds of waters. This little compendium outlines both the art and science of lure selection with a very special focus on the role of color. Simply put, The Master Angler with its profusely illustrated and 'fisherman friendly' instructional text is a must a 'must read' for any dedicated fishing enthusiast.

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