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Pheasant Jungles

The World Pheasant Associations presentation of the experiences and findings of author William Beebe as he travels to Sri Lanka, India, Burma, China, Japan, Peninsular malaysia, Borneo and Java, in search of the pheasants of the world's jungles.

By: Beebe, William
ISBN: 0-906864-05-4
Binding: Trade Cloth
Size: 8.75" X 6"
Pages: 248
Photos: 53
Illustrations: 0
Publication Date: 1994

The great naturalist/scientist have often supplemented formal publication of their results and findings with more popular accounts of their travels and adventures in the field. Directed at a broader audience, such books have always played an important role in winning hearts and minds for the conservation cause. William Beebe's Pheasant Jungles, long out of print and difficult to obtain, is surely a classic example.
Pheasant Jungles is a selection of Beebe's pheasant-tracking memoirs and experiences during this seventeen month trip. Capturing the excitement of the solitary pursuit of these scarce and secretive birds, it also offers insight into the (sometimes dangerous) experience of Asian travel at a time when wild places remained largely untouched by the ravages of development. The characters: hunters, trackers porters, cooks and servants he met along the way receive lively attention and his musings during long days alone in the field are candidly revealed.

This book will be of particular interest to the increasing number of wildlife conservationists who travel to Asia whether or not they have a special interest in pheasants. William Beebe's pheasant travel took him to Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), India, Burma, China, Japan, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Java. Beebe's evocative descriptions have been matched by eight beautiful new color paintings by wildlife artist Timothy Greenwood and the lovely cover plate by Ron Digby.

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