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Salmon Fishing: the best fishing holes of Campbell River and Barkley Sound


By: Rychkun, Ed
ISBN: 0-88839-305-9
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 120
Photos: 0
Illustrations: 70
Publication Date: 1992


PR Highlights: A Guide to Salmon Fishing on BC's Coast.
PHOTO Highlights: Over 70 detailed maps & line drawings.

Description: This salmon fishing guide is designed to give you, the sport-fisherman, a quick and effective reference system on those basic techniques that have been most successful in the water of these areas.

Campbell River and Port Alberni both publicly pronounce themselves as the Salmon Capital of the World. While it is not clear who really owns the title, it is clear that these tow areas of Vancouver Island provide an abundance and variety of salmon sports fishing unsurpassed elsewhere. Over the years, salmon, in their normal annual habits have stopped in the special feeding areas in the waters of Campbell River, Port Alberni Inlet and the Barkley Sound before their upriver journeys, providing unusual opportunities to the salmon sport fishermen. Every year the same areas and same basic techniques have provided fruitful sporting adventures to more and more people. We, as average fishermen, have spent many years compiling the critical information about this fantastic sport. The areas within which salmon can be found are incredibly vast, yet the waters where they can be caught represent a minute portion in comparison. For the average angler, the waters never seem to produce or the deluge of salmon gear is much to confusing. In addition, we have found that the location maps are always too general, the books on salmon fishing techniques are just too detailed. It really becomes quite difficult to find the spot and the method to hook that illusive big one. So we felt that we would provide a means of allowing the average angler a way of saving time and money, by providing all the key information he needs to start enjoying the sport.

This salmon fishing guide is designated to give you, the sportfisherman, a quick and effective reference system on those basic techniques that have been most successful in the water of these areas. The guide summarizes what hardware has worked best, what techniques have been most effective, the most productive times when you should fish, and what areas have proven most successful. The guide is simple. It explains only the common methods that work best in the area. The guide will therefore not attempt to address all salmon types, all areas, all conditions, nor all methods. It deals with specific equipment, setups, fishing methods, selected hot spots, and key information for each area. We have even gone a step further, thanks to the Canadian Hydrographic Services Group. They have allowed us to provide you with the key portions of their very detailed maps. This has allowed us to provide you with a special set of scaled maps for thirty of the most popular fishing hot spots. We have even provided summary tabulations for setting up your own rigging. There are eight simple considerations to successful salmon fishing. First you should be aware of the basic equipment required to be effective. Next, you must know a little about salmon and their habits. Third, you need to be aware of the most common lures and baits. The next consideration allows you to be independent - a basic knowledge of setting up the key hooks and rigging. Fifth is knowing how to measure length of line and depth of water. Knowing the most successful local fishing techniques is sixth, and knowing how to read the water is number seven. Finally, you need to know were to take you boat. This is what this book is all about.

Author Biography

The Rychkun brothers have turned a family passion into a family science. Each has fished this area for thirty years or more and both have been fishing since boyhood. It is their desire to convey simple, fundamental techniques that work best in the most popular fishing areas on Vancouver Island. They have systematically explored their subject for their own benefit and pleasure. In doing so, they realized that a simple, easy to follow guide needed to be made available - and here it is.
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