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Story of Eagle Activity & Coloring Book


By: Hancock, David, Lansonius, Susanne
ISBN: 978-0-88839-641-9
Binding: Trade Paper 
Size: 11" X 8.5"
Pages: 24
Photos: 0
Illustrations: 22
Publication Date: 2007


Sample Chapter

This is the story of the bald eagle, one of North America's most dramatic birds. 

Author David Hancock and retired teacher Doug Carrick have presented this story to the public on live streaming video. You can follow it on your computer live or from archived files at www.hancockwildlife.org 

Illustrations by Susan Lansonius.

Book Reviews

Story of Eagle provides a valuable source of information about the bald eagle for school-age children, particularly for 5th grade and middle school students. Reader interest is fostered through the effective use of questions posed in the printed material and use of the internet. The writing is simple and clear, yet the vocabulary is sophisticated enough to encourage students to learn new words. There is very nice detail in the illustrations that support the text descriptions, and the questions posed serve to stimulate interest, enhance learning, and assist students to increase their research skills. The book would also be a fine independent study assignment. In this age of technology and urbanization, through using this book students can gain respect and a better appreciation for the natural world and the life of this iconic avian species. Overall, Story of Eagle is an outstanding source of information and a great way for young people to learn about nature and bald eagles.

Kent Knowles, President
Raptor Conservancy of Virginia
May 2008


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