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The Track Record: a bigfoot encyclopedia (CD)


By: Ray Crowe
ISBN: 978-0-615-32159-2
Binding: Audio Book (CD)
Pages: 0
Photos: 0
Illustrations: 0
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This is a CD containing over 3000 document pages that include photos, maps, research papers and much more. It also includes an 80 page word document that is a master index for the 16 years The Track Record was produced. This is the single greatest index in any cryptozoology book, CD, DVD, anything! You can spend weeks browsing the CD that we have produced.

The accumulation of Track Records is truly a Bigfoot Encyclopedia with an extensive cross reference via the index.

'The Track Record' was a monthly newsletter produced by Ray Crowe (Hillsboro, OR) over a 16-year time span, July 1991- August 2007. Ray did a fantastic job documenting various aspects of Bigfoot/ Sasquatch that will not appear anywhere else. Ray not only centered his work on Bigfoot/ Sasquatch, he also included stories on Yowie, Yeti, Almasti, Loch Ness Monster, UFO's, Chupacabras, etc. We know that you will find this as a centerpiece for all Bigfoot related research.

In 2007 North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) purchased the research, documents, writings, copyrights and trademarks associated with Ray Crowe and his two organizations. We immediately made a decision that the Track Record was an extremely valuable document for Bigfoot Researchers and we embarked on a path to put the newsletters on a CD for reference purposes. This project was completed in 2009.

The greatest contribution that NABS made to the Track Record was the development of an index for all of the newsletters. The index is 95,000 words and 80 pages in length. There is no other index in all of Cryptozoology that comes close to what NABS has established. Every major category, state, country and crypto subject is in the index.

Great thought went into the establishment of the categories in the index. There are four pages in the index that start with Bigfoot. Some of the major categories and the number of entries;
Bigfoot Berries- 30+
Bigfoot Black in Color- 30
Bigfoot Bodies- 40+
Bigfoot- Brown in Color- 70
Bigfoot Burying Bigfoot- 18
Bigfoot Caves- 20
Bigfoot Children-30
Bigfoot & Dogs- 40
Bigfoot Eyes- 100 +
Bigfoot Hair- 50
Bigfoot Hit By Cars- 15
Bigfoot Hoax- 25+
Bigfoot Odor- 60+
Bigfoot Photos- 30+
Bigfoot Quarry/Gravel Pit- 15
Bigfoot Reddish Brown in Color- 40+
Bigfoot Scat- 35+
Bigfoot Scream- 80+
Bigfoot Shakes- 15+
Bigfoot Shot- 50+
Bigfoot Swimming- 15+
Bigfoot Tan Colored- 15+
Bigfoot Throwing Rocks- 20+
Bigfoot UFO Connection- 15+
Bigfoot Whistle- 8
Bigfoot White in Color- 15+
Bigfoot Whoop Whoop- 10+
Bigfoot Women- 30+
Bigfoot Wood Knock- 20+

This is only a very small sampling of what you will find on the CD.

The CD is PC and MAC compatible. The index was produced on a Microsoft Word Document, 1997-2004.

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