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White Rock Eagles: a Bald Eagle family

By: Hancock Wildlife Foundation, Christian Sasse, Tina Docharty
ISBN: 97800888397294
Binding: Trade Cloth
Size: 8.5" X 11"
Pages: 80
Photos: 77
Illustrations: 0
Publication Date: 2012

Description: White Rock Eagles: A Bald Eagle Family follows the story of Ma and Pa and their two eaglets, Echo and Foxtrot (Foxy), in the spring and summer of 2012. The book is a unique and stunning collection of images by photographer Christian Sasse as he chronicles the first fifteen weeks in the growth and development of the pair of eaglets from hatching to fledging and their final departure and independence. The White Rock eagle nest is one of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation’s online eagle cams, allowing viewers to witness firsthand the beauty of these creatures in the wild. 

All proceeds from sales of this book will support Hancock Wildlife Foundation projects

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