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How do we prepare a Calendar? ONLY with the help of a volunteer(s)!

AND for 2018 we did not get a calendar designer.  So unfortunately we missed one of our best educational products, most certainly our best promotional item and a major revenue source.

Hancock here: April 2017, but now –  February 2018 – the comment is more applicable:  It been awhile since I talked about eagles, about conservation, about why the Hancock Wildlife Foundation was set up.  First, it has been so wonderful to feel that the HWF has been in great hands and I could get away and deal with a very personal matter.  All of you have been so supportive to Mary and me and to our Foundation efforts.  Mary’s passing has been an incredible personal loss and, as Mary so tried to impress upon me, I have had to carry on.  Somehow the group of keeners has produced a new Web site, filled it with data and now for the past couple of months I have focused on the BETA Project, baiting eagles and the past week trapping and banding 13 – maybe more tomorrow.

Needed for 2019! Our 2019 Foundation Calendar!

I would like to see one or a few volunteers become a small committee to do the following.  It is probably easier with one!!!!  Keep in mind HWF pays for the printing of the calendar.  What we are looking for is someone to coordinate the placement of 13 large and 50+ small images.  The HWF Annual Bald Eagle Calendar is also an important fundraiser!

1. Calendar Coordinator: Set the overall theme, (I do have an IDEA! – Eagle on the Move! – a followup to our BETA Project that I think will dominate this year’s Web activities.) and set up the program of soliciting our followers to submit images, probably about 13 large images and 50 smaller images. This will likely be the easiest part as we really already have a dozen keeners ready to submit the images but I would like to open the offer to anyone who feels inclined. This coordinator would largely oversee the posting of our needs and getting the photographers to submit their images.  (I will give the contact enough ‘superb’ photographers emails that finding the images is not the problem!)

Our dedicated email address: [email protected]

We have always had two potential image files:

(a) large images to hold the 13 image months & cover which need to be 300 dpi and

(b) small images for the 50-70 small images to go into the blank “day spots’. For these we usually use ‘screen captures’ but any image supportive of the theme is acceptable.

NOTE:  We already have an email file of previous contributors but we would like to invite newcomers to make any submissions as well.

This coordinator could select the images for the final calendar or simply see that they are sent in and Mia (my daughter) and I, or the coordinator or someone else, ( I prefer this!) could decide on the specific selection and put them into proper format.

2. Production Coordinator: I have already got Mia Hancock to undertake the design, from receiving images to preparing them in PhotoShop and placement in Printer-Ready files.  What we now need is someone to oversee that the images are sent to our email address.  I will oversee getting the print quotes with Mia.  If someone else wants to design the calendar that is also a bonus – and in the past this was often the case.

3. Promotion Coordinator: From production to printing takes about 10 days. The Promotions Coordinator, if not the Production Coordinator, is to coordinate the prep and dissemination of promotional releases that get us in orders for the calendar. They can come up with their own sales discounts or follow the previous years published structure.  We have a history of what works.  The key is to be putting out notifications to our website and our facebook etc. accounts to get in orders.

4. Orders will all come to: Hancock Wildlife offices for processing via Web, email or phone or to: [email protected]

Do I hear a volunteer calling ????


Also needed: Calendar Promotional Coordinator:

If the Production Coordinator does not wish to do this then we ask for a separate person to prepares a few notes to post on the Web, the social media (facebook etc.) to say the HWF 2019 Calendar is now being ordered. That’s it. The orders all come to HWF, are accumulated, processed through Visa or PayPal and then sent out by our Hancock House staff when the calendar arrives about the end of August.

David Hancock
Feb 24, 2018