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We had a bit of drama at the Harrison Mills nest this morning – but it all ended well, so please keep reading!  As you may have seen from the previous story, there are lots of eagles in the area – but there appears to be an invisible line around the nest that other eagles are advised not to cross.  There was a handsome adult eagle perched in a tree not that far from the nest – and after a little while, we could see two white heads approaching rapidly – and I think Mrs Honeycomb (the name given the female at Harrison Mills) and her new mate were making sure that other eagle knew that the territory was occupied.

Forum member IrishEyes made a videomark of the event (our streaming partners at WildEarth maintain an archive where one can bookmark interesting events, then post the link) – this link will take you to their site to see all the action –

After the other eagle left, the pair snuggled together for a while – I love this picture – it looks as if they’ve got a blanket wrapped around their shoulders as they look out over the river!

eagles at Harrison Mills