Practical Incubation


This second edition of Practical Incubation brings up to date some exciting research at Birdworld. Artificial incubation of bird eggs can be very confusing for the beginner. There are many "old wives tales" about how this or that should be done and it seems that if you need some advice on a particular point, every person you speak to gives a slightly different answer. Over the past few years during the winter months I have given courses on incubation at Birdworld. During these courses, I made a note of the main questions that were asked and collected them together. Often it was the basic ideas and procedures which produced the main confusion. Using this information together with my experience of incubation from the Incubation Research Station at Birdworld, I sat down and wrote this book. My aim was to provide an easy to read text on incubation for the beginner. I hope that I have covered all of the important aspects of artificial incubation using easy to understand terms.

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