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Questions/Help Needed – Things Done

This is a temporary page set up so we can ask questions as we update some parts of the site, and keep a log of what we’ve done in case we need to undo some of it.

Questions/Help Needed:

  1.  Do I/we need to worry about the message to “activate your copy of Visual Composer”?  Is there one copy for the site, or do we both/all need to install it or lose the ability to edit pages at some point?
  2. A number of plugins have updates available – are there some I should do when I see a notice, or is that something you need/want to manage?
  3. In the Default Template, the first few letters of the title are often hidden behind the HWF logo.  It seems likely there’s an easy way to edit that to add some space on that side – but I’ve no clue where to look.
    update – fixed – see #1 in next section; no clue about unintended consequences. ~JudyB
  4. Longer titles don’t wrap in phone mode – looks as if you have a max of about 14 letters if you use a header style with the logo on a separate line (like 3) and 8 letters with the Global header.
  5. The initial image on the pages for the cams are almost full-width and less than full height so not 16×9, and I don’t know how to change that; it works OK once you click on it, but might discourage new users.
  6. Is there some way to stop the black bar at the top of the screen from coming down as one scrolls down the page?  It effectively covers 1/3 of my already small screen! ~gemini
    done (see #2 below), though we’ll need to check with David Hathaway and Myles in case it’s important. ~JudyB
  7. Other Wildlife Cams on the front page needs a picture – I’m thinking a collage with an osprey, a panda, an eagle or two, and I’m trying to remember what other popular cams we follow.
    done (see #22 below)
  8. Before I forget, I still haven’t figured out how to get my extract to appear in my news post about the first egg of the season.
    – update – it looks as if posts use the theme Blog 2 (bears_blog–blog2.php) – and if that’s somewhere I can look at it, I can’t find it; I’m thinking that if I could see how the posts know to use images, maybe I could add extracts.  Maybe.  (Note to David Hathaway – did I warn you that I like to see what’s behind the curtain?)
    – Now that we may have more people looking at this soon, I’ve added a picture – but would still like to know how to do extracts.
  9. Need to ask Karen if she and David Hancock would like to provide new “About Us” text for the footer; I’m currently using the most recent version of the Mission Statement I could find.
  10. Need to learn how to edit the original Contact page (now named Contact-NeedToEdit) so it has a map showing the approximate area of the nests with cams (I can add markers but couldn’t make it show a map of lower BC) and need to learn where it sends the forms.
  11. I’m pretty sure some Posts should be Pages and vice versa, but haven’t tried to sort that out yet – will probably get to that as we work on Bald Eagle Facts and maybe Wildlife Knowledge.
    – partly done – the Posts are all Posts; I think some Pages should either be Posts or could be deleted
  12. Need to discuss Categories and Tags for Posts – I’m thinking we can use that to define which posts show up in the news at the bottom of the home page, but don’t want to recreate the wheel if someone’s already done that.
    – partly done – I’ve limited News to the categories News, Wildlife News, Foundation News and Live Cams, and have assigned one (or more) of those categories to all the stories I want there
    – I could still use some guidance on the ways Categories and Tags are used
  13. NEW 11/19/17 – On the two images at the top of the home page – if you click “Learn More” on the first one, you go to the second one; once you’re there, if you click “become a volunteer” – you go back to the first one.  Maybe for now you could either hide/remove “learn more” – or have it go down to the next panel where we have Bald Eagle Facts, the HWF cams, and a few works in progress?  Thoughts?  Myles – do you know more about how to use the page to reach people?  I’m better at the technical side.
  14. I’ve added three events using the Events icon under Posts at the top of the menu on the left – but I don’t know how to make a page to display them and allow them to replace the events now showing on the home page.
  15. On the home page, with both the Events and the News teasers, you have to click the headline to go to the article (or “read more” in the case of Events); I might be able to add “read more” to the news blurbs – but it would be nice if one could click the pictures to go to the story – is that possible?
  16. On each of the cam pages, I’d like to have the “thank you” to the sponsor where applicable, and a list of the people who adopted that nest; I’d ideally like to have that information in one document for each nest, so I update that page, and all the cam pages are automatically updated.  Is that possible?
    update 11/21/17 – I asked David Hathaway about using the “Insert Pages” plug-in; he thought there was an easier way and will look into that.
    update 11/23/17 – the pages are madeI just need to know how to insert them.
  17. I’d also like the most recent news item (or news items) about White Rock to appear on all the White Rock cam pages, ideally under streaming cam and the sponsor/adopters blurb – can we do that too?
    – done – see 29 below and note above about needing to have them inserted
  18. NEW – 12/11/17 – The images for Live Cams, the Forum, Bald Eagle Facts and Other Wildlife Cams all have links at the bottom to go to those pages – can we make it so you can go there by clicking on the image?
  19. And while you’re thinking about that, can we also do that for Latest News teasers, and Events teasers?
  20. I sent David Hathaway an email with more info about what I’d tried to make the other Events plug-in work; it may have some advantages, but if none of the events we create with it are visible, having more fields doesn’t really help.

Things Done:

  1. Moved title out from under the logo by Theme Options:  Title Bar: Padding: change 4th box from 0 to 100 px (70 px works for monitor view, but 100 sort of works for all views in Frontend Editor.
  2. Removed semi-transparent black bar with logo/phone/email that stays with you as you scroll down (see #6 above) by Theme Options: Header: turn Sticky Menu off (at bottom of page).
  3. Changed phone and email widgets at top of page – were “CALL US ON 1-800 23 456 4567” and “MAIL US ON”; am using the email for now as it appears to still be working.
  4. Changed “Bald Eagle Facts” settings: changed Read More to Coming Soon (I think most of the articles are here as posts, and think the index for Bald Eagle Biology is here somewhere, so we should be able to fix this once we have the cams up and running here.  (Note to gemini – same concept as the edits you did on the Live Cams page except these are called Bears Block, I think because of the theme, and the text is under the Template tab)
  5. Changed “Streaming Nest Cams” settings: changed text from Raptors to Eagles, changed “Read more” to “Visit the Cams” and changed the URL from # to “”
  6. “Other Wildlife Cams” – changed from Read More to Coming Soon.
  7. “Knowledge” – not sure what we want here – for now, changed “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed eleifend rutrum orci. Donec ut est quis arcu aliquet semper pellentesque in tellus. Integer pharetra nec quam et imperdiet.” to “The world is an amazing place – learn more about it here!” and Read More to Coming Soon.
  8. Edited the “Join Us Now” section:
    1. changed “LEST” to “LET’S”
    2. changed next paragraph/custom header from “On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure.” to “As you may have noticed, this page is currently a work in progress.”
    3. changed following paragraph/custom header from “There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don’t look even slightly believable.” to “Please stop back and watch it grow.”
  9. I did not change anything below that and above the footer; I will attempt to add new news articles from time to time.
  10. Edited Footer using Customize:
    1. Changed About Us from “Alone – Environment lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit” to “The mission of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation is to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship.” (taken from the About HWF page imported from the current website – need to ask Karen re update), and removed the “more” link <a href=’#’>More…</a> for now.
    2. Changed address block:
      1. from 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino , CA 95014 US to 19313 Zero Avenue, Surrey BC, Canada V3Z 9R9
      2. from +123 456 8888 and +123 456 0000 to +1 604-538-1114
      3. from and to
  11. Changed the name and permalink of the Contact page to Contact-NeedToEdit because I couldn’t make it change to show BC; created temporary Contact page with basic info, and replaced the old Contact page with the new one in the Menu and Shop areas of the Footer.
  12. I added a new template to FrontEnd called Cam Page Template; to use it to add a new cam page, under Pages choose Add New, give it a name, make it a child of Live Cams (hopefully that’s OK – I like it because it keeps them together) and choose the “No Title Bar Template” from the template list on the right, click Save Draft, click Frontend Editor, then click the template icon (3rd from left on blue bar at top) and click Cam Page Template; the template contains a Bears Heading element that’s formatted so you can just add the name (like Harrison Mills North) in the Text box and a Bears Block element that’s formatted so you can just add the embed code on the Template tab under Content.  Ideally this would let me change stuff for all the pages at once, except I haven’t figured out how to edit the template. Sigh.  Oh – I set the height for the Bears Block at 400 px which works for most cams but you’ll need to change it to 850 for a 2-cam page, and I used 450 for Lefarge – if you end up with a squished image or bumping into the footer, make the height bigger until it works.
  13. I deleted (moved to Trash) a number of Pages and Posts that were not needed.
  14. Per Karen Bills’s request, I removed the phone and email from the top of all the pages by using Appearance: Widgets to go to Header 8 Sidebar Right and remove the following from Content:
    <div class=”header-block-contact”>
    <div class=”block-item”>
    <i class=”pe-7s-phone”></i>
    <div class=”block-info”>
    <div class=”sub-title”>PHONE:</div>
    <div class=”title”>1-604-538-1114</div>
    <div class=”block-item”>
    <i class=”pe-7s-mail”></i>
    <div class=”block-info”>
    <div class=”sub-title”>EMAIL:</div>
    <div class=”title”><a href=””></a></div>
  15. (November 17, 2017) Customize: Widgets: Footer Top Widget Two – changed Name “Address” to “Contact” and changed Content from
    <div class=’footer-address’>
    <div class=’add-item’>
    <i class=’fa fa-map-marker’></i>
    <div class=’wrap-add-items’>
    <span>19313 Zero Avenue<br />Surrey BC<br />Canada V3Z 9R9</span>
    <div class=’add-item’>
    <i class=’fa fa-phone’></i>
    <div class=’wrap-add-items’>
    <span>+1 604-538-1114</span>
    <div class=’add-item’>
    <i class=’fa fa-envelope-o’></i>
    <div class=’wrap-add-items’>
    <span><a href=’’></a></span>
    <div class=’footer-address’>
    For information on HWF Projects or messages for David Hancock: <a href=””></a><br />
    For technical questions: <a href=””>
  16. Customize: Widgets: Footer Top Widget One – moved Facebook info to the second column (Contact) and added the link to our page; deleted other icons with the assumption we can add them back if we are using any of them.
  17. Customize: Widgets: Footer Top Widget Three – removed Cause Grid link, added Page Events and renamed it to Events (Note – I do not know if there is a page for the events made with the icon just below Posts – David Hathaway will sort that out!)
  18. Customize: Widgets: Footer Top Widget Two (part 2) – added Facebook link – new Content:
    <div class=’footer-address’>
    <p>For information on HWF Projects or messages for David Hancock: <a href=””></a><br />
    For technical questions: <a href=””></a></p>
    <p><a href=””>Find us on Facebook</a></p>
  19. Customize: Widgets: Footer Top Widget Four – used Remove to move it to the Inactive Widgets sidebar.
  20. Changed text under Upcoming Events from “Alone – Environment events carousel, lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form” to “Please click the title to read the complete article.” – which is more than a little redundant with the “read more” link – but at least shouldn’t confuse anyone.
  21. Customize: Widgets: Footer Bottom Widget – changed the copyright from bearsthemes to Hancock Wildlife Foundation; will switch it to Creative Commons once I can get the language we use from the old site.
  22. Added collage of pictures from various cams to use as a link for “Other Wildlife Cams” – still says “coming soon” because it will be easier to set that up if we can access the older website.
  23. Changed name of Page “Biology Reference” to “Bald Eagle Facts” and updated its permalink, relinked all the posts to their topic, and linked the page to the Bald Eagle Facts block on the home page – so everything should work now.  I did delete a couple of posts that were way out of date – and I’m pretty sure some of the posts need some formatting, and there are pictures that didn’t come across with them, but we can put those back once we have access to what’s now going to be the old website.
  24. (November 19, 2017)  Removed campaign links from Posts by Customizing: Widgets: Main Sidebar and removed Campaigns from the list of items displayed; here are the fields so it can be added back once we have it up and running:
  25. On the same widget, I also removed the banner image because I couldn’t figure out how to replace it with one of our pictures or change the text on it; I left the Text category it was under and the HTML for the image was in the big square.  This is the image I removed:
  26. (November 21, 2017) Replaced the native logo used for David Hancock’s books with a version of the eagle logo we’ve traditionally used on the website.
  27. (November 23, 2017) Removed the image for Knowledge from the home page since we haven’t figured what it goes with, replaced it with the collage gemini made for the Forum, rearranged the pictures so the collages aren’t next to each other and linked the forum collage to the current forum.
  28. Made a copy of the eagle image used for Bald Eagle Facts, resized it so it fits better on the home page and replaced the original with the narrower copy.
  29. Made Supporter pages listing sponsors and adopters for all four nests so they’re ready to insert when David Hathaway lets me know how to do that; the pages also include latest news stories for each nest (assuming they are Posts with Category “Live Cams” and a tag with the name of the nest, which is how it knows which stories to use!).