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An Educational Project – The Story of Eagle

(Note: The first version of this book project is already complete – and the book is available. However, this book can be readily tailorized to fit additional curriculum needs or projects. An additional reason for listing it here is simply to indicate that the Hancock Wildlife Foundation is set up to produce nature orientated books — for kids or adults.

If your organization needs a book project we possibly have the writing and production talent to complete this for you. Or our associated company, Hancock House Publishers Ltd. could possible produce a book for you. Contact: David Hancock, )


Project Title: The Story of Eagle

Project Objective:

Development of a Supportive Book Project to Assist Teachers in deriving the most benefits from use of LIVE CAMS (Local or international CAMS) or just teaching natural history and conservation topics in the classroom.

The book is designed to be a very economical Activity Book focusing on the Life Cycle of Bald Eagles, giving suggested followup challenges for students to investigate, and would be very supportive of those children following any of the eagle live CAMS.


Projected Age Group:

This book is aimed a pre-school through grade 2 -4.


Author / Artist:

The author is David Hancock a well known bald eagle biologist, author, filmmaker and lecturer. Bio attached.

The artist, Susanne Lansonius is well known artist and author of childrens books and exquisite work on Native culture.


Book Details:

B&W throughout – 24 – 32 pages, Color Cover Front & Back.

– North American map showing breeding distribution & migration routes of eagles and various nest areas depicted on
other Live CAMS.


Book Copyright:

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation owns the copyright and derives any royalties. They are also free to distribute the book free-of-charge to schools involved in HWF projects.


Distribution & Marketing of Book:

Book will be given free or sold as part of School education programs or sold as reasonably as possible in bulk to schools. The trade sales to the public will generate royalties and sales

Note: If you need a book project undertaken Hancock Wildlife has many associations with authors and designers and we have in incredibly library of natural history, and particularly bald eagle materials, available. Give us a call to discuss your project.

In part the book will be released simultaneously with the launching of a school lecture series jointly sponsored by the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Foundation and the Hancock Wildlife Foundation entitled: “The Elder Speaks” *




  • Art: line drawings & map: 2000.00
  • Writing text: 2000.00
  • Editorial: 800.00
  • Design & layout to printer ready: 900.00
  • Overview & organization: 700.00 Total: $6,400.00
  • Printing: First 5000 copies: @ $1.05/ $5, 250.00

Total Project Cost: $11,650.00


Source & Amount of Funding Sought:

This project is seeking funding for the full value of the project over and above the Commercial component supported by the Publisher. The Hancock Wildlife Foundation wishes to have 3000 copies for its initial use. The additional 2000 copies, or even further printings costs, will be undertaken by the commercial publisher who will sell the books to the Trade market and give the royalties back to the Foundation..

Printer Costs absorbed by Publisher for the copies they will sell on behalf of the HWF 1.05 x 2000 = $2,100.00

Total Grant sought: $9,550.00



Final Result:

With the above Grants the HWF will have 3000 copies of the publication to use for educational purposes or fund raising and derive royalties from additional trade sales.

Submitted by: David Hancock, Director: Hancock Wildlife Foundation.