Four Easy Ways to Donate to Hancock Wildlife Foundation

(a “Not-for-Profit” Society – Canadian Charity Number 83124 7127 RR0001)

A tax slip will be provided automatically if you donate via CanadaHelps, otherwise, we can mail one if requested

Updated for 2020

1 – CanadaHelps

First, you can donate via CanadaHelps.  CanadaHelps is a great organization that helps small non-profits like HWF handle online donations.  You don’t need to be in Canada to use CanadaHelps – but if you are, you’ll get the necessary receipt to deduct your donation to HWF – and everyone will get an immediate acknowledgement of their donation. There is a 4% service charge for CanadaHelps, so if you can give a bit more, that would be great!  There’s a lot more info about CanadaHelps here – and you can use the link below to make your donation.

Donate via CanadaHelps Now!

2 – Paypal

Next, we also welcome donations via PayPal.  PayPal also provides an immediate acknowledgement of your donation, and also has a 4% service charge – which is actually less than we’d have to pay to be able to receive donations via credit card – but again, if it’s an option, donating a bit more ($104 for a $100 donation) would be great.  The button to donate via PayPal in general is to the Right, or, use one of the specific purpose campaigns below.

General Paypal Donations (monthly included)

  1. Esplanade Nest

    Esplanade Nest Refurbishment

    These donations go directly towards the refurbishment of the Esplanade nest. The nest, built in 2014, needs rebranching, which will require a bucket truck.
    $834.00 donated of $3,500.00 goal
  2. Adopt a Nest

    Adopt your favourite HWF Nest & Family for the entire nesting season. Your Nest Adoption will assist with the cost of the cams, maintenance and tech support that is required all year long as well as support the mission and mandate of HWF through ongoing education and activities that promote the conservation of wildlife.
    $5,594.00 donated
  3. Eagle Cams/Repairs

    Keeping our cams running on our nests is an ongoing activity, with maintenance and repairs happening year around.
    $1,908.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal
  4. General Fund

    This helps with the expenses that come with running the Hancock Wildlife Foundation year round.
    $3,125.00 donated of $15,000.00 goal
  5. BETA Program

    Live, realtime tracking of Eagles is now a reality, help us to make this a bigger success in 2018.
    $2,500.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal

3 – By Check

We are happy to accept checks or money orders in any currency mailed to Hancock Wildlife Foundation at either of the following addresses.  A receipt and tax slip will be mailed back to you.
     Update April 2021 – we’ve had some issues with mail over the last 6-8 months, so if you can use CanadaHelps or PayPal, that would be great.  If you do use mail, please let us know ([email protected] or [email protected]) so we can watch for the check – thanks!

Canada Address:
19313 Zero Avenue
Surrey, BC. Canada
V3S 9R9

United States Address:
Unit 104
4550 Birch Bay-Lynden Road
Blaine, WA 98230-9436

4 – In Person

Fourth, if you’re at an event where David Hancock, or other representatives of Hancock Wildlife are speaking or staffing a booth, they’ll be happy to receive your donation in person and put it to work; a receipt and tax slip will be mailed back to you.

And most of all –

Thank you for your support!

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