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Do you want a New Bald Eagle Nest in Your Area?

An Economical Artificial Pole & Nest for Bald Eagles

We now have built dozens of artificial nests for bald eagles. One hundred percent of the territories we built in hold their nesting eagles or entice them in. Our 3 CAMs in the lower mainland: Delta 2, White Rock and Surrey Reserve, are all nests we have built. These cost about $3500 with climber, lift etc. We charge developers a bit more. When the trees are too small or non existent we have to erect a Pole & Nest. These are much more expensive. Augering the 12 foot (3.5m) hole, getting in a 70+ foot (21m) preserved pole, constructing the aluminum nest and getting it all erected is expensive. In some areas we need a higher pole and the price goes up with it. The above costs do not include travel and HWF consulting time.

a.  Creating an artificial nest in an existing tree:$3,500+
(markup to developers) 
b.  Constructing & Installing a Pole & Nest$12,000+
(these items may vary in different regions) 
a)  Augering hole (includes lifting pole and nest into place);$3000
b)  Pole – with preservatives – 70 feet (21 meters):$3000
c)  Nest construction in artificial nest:$4500
d)  Inside nesting materials wired in:$1000
Total: $12,000 to $15,000 in easily accessed places 
You might want 2 new pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cams, wiring, installation & hookup to cable$10,000+


Call:  David Hancock,  Hancock Wildlife Foundation:  604  761-1025

See our web site for many of our installations and Live Streaming CAMS – also in artificial nests.