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Boundary Bay Central Nest Information

This nest on a pole was installed in Delta, British Columbia, near the central part of the shore of Boundary Bay in September 2022 by the Hancock Wildlife Foundation.  When the eagles returned from migration in October, they initially tried to build a nest in one of the trees in the area – but the trees really aren’t easy to build in and after a couple of failed attempts, they moved to the nest on the pole, laid their egg(s) and fledged one eaglet in July 2023.  The two cams were installed in late summer 2023 while the eagles were away on vacation.  HWF’s official designation for the nest is De-570, and we also sometimes refer to it as the Boundary Bay Central nest – though it is on the shore, not in the center of Boundary Bay!


September 30, 2023 – we now have two cams live at the site, but need to set up an additional YouTube channel before we can stream the second one.

October 1, 2023 – both cams are live – now all we need are the eagles!  (Note from JudyB – the North cam is streaming on my “Watching Eaglets Grow” YouTube channel which is why it doesn’t say HWF at the top on the initial image.)

December 12, 2023 – we’re having some issues with the cams, so for right now, we are streaming the Boundary Bay South cam on the North channel and have one of the White Rock cams on the South channel; with a bit of luck, it will all be sorted out in the next day or so.

December 30, 2023 – good news and bad news.  The good news is that the pair is very busy working on their nest, and it’s interesting to see how well they have adapted to the various perches and the sunscreen that does block access from one side.  The bad news is that the North cam has stopped streaming.  We’re hoping it’s something that can be fixed with a site visit, but unfortunately, there is a chance the problem is with the cam or the wiring at the top of the pole, and we won’t be able to access that until next summer.  Happily, the remaining cam provides a good view of the nest, so even if we can’t get the second cam working, we should have a good view of any little chicks they produce.

March 1, 2024 – the adults are spending a lot of time preparing the nest, so the zoomers have given them names.  Meet Mère and Père (mother and father in French, which is Canada’s other official language)!  For simplicity in typing, the accent mark is optional.

March 19, 2024 – As the cam pans around, you may see a couple of light gray rectangles – those are privacy masks to ensure that we don’t accidentally disturb the privacy of the people living near the nest while we’re focused on the eagle we’re following with the cam.  The eagles are spending a lot of time on their nest, so I would not be surprised to see eggs before too long.

March 21, 3:49 pm – First egg!!  Forum posts with lots of pictures start here –

March 24, 6:40 pm – Second egg!  Posts start here – We generally start watching for signs of a hatch 35 days after the first egg was laid, which would be April 25th; it seems first eggs are more likely to hatch on day 37 or 38, and can be anywhere from 35-40 days – and we often notice the adults listening to the eggs before we see the first pip, or tiny crack showing that the hatch is underway.

April 9 – With big thanks to Michael and the GLS team, Ken, and everyone else involved, the North cam is streaming again!

April 26, 8:56 pm – We have a chick!  It will be designated BB1, as the first chick since we installed a cam, and will likely get a name once we get to know it.  Posts are here –

April 28, 3:35 pm – Second chick BB2 hatched successfully!  Posts are here –

Boundary Bay Central North

Boundary Bay Central South

Nest History


When the eagles returned from migration in October, they initially tried to build a nest in one of the trees in the area – but the trees really aren’t easy to build in and after a couple of failed attempts, they moved to the nest on the pole, laid their egg(s) and fledged one eaglet in July 2023. The cameras were installed in late summer 2023, so 2024 will be our first year to watch these eagles.

Please join us on the Boundary Bay Central Discussion Forum and share your observations, click below.

This is truly a community funded nest
Farmer Ralph Gough provided the land right on the waterfront, neighbor Steve Ishii electrified the site, and Warren Edwards across Boundary Bay above Ocean Beach receives the wireless streaming signal and downloads into his Telus web connection.  Then along came two of our most serious Eagle Monitors, Surrey residents Barbara Hamm and Dieter Knobelsdorf, and they funded the two wonderful 32X Cams and all this went into a nest the Beatty Developments had provided the previous year as a recurring contribution to rebuilding up areas with no or few trees.  (Beatty was also a major contributor to the Delta 2 pole, nest and new cams last fall.)
Thanks to all of you!
– David and all the viewers


Nest Adoption

2024 Nesting Season – September 2023 – August 2024

This Nest has been Adopted By:

~ gemini ~

Nest Location (map clicks bigger)

Map showing HWF Boundary Bay Central nest and nearby nests with cams.

Boundary Bay Central Bald Eagle Nest DE-570
and surrounding nests with cams

The City of Surrey (46 Active Nests) is along the east side of Boundary Bay with the City of Delta (83 Active Bald Eagle Nests) bordering the north and west sides of the Bay.  Point Roberts, with its 11 bald eagle nests, is part of the United States.  The City of Blaine, Washington, is just south of the east side of Boundary Bay.  Over a hundred nesting pairs of bald eagles forage Boundary Bay.  Many of the additional 35,000 wintering eagles who nest in the northern boreal forest lakes also forage the Bay and the Vancouver Landfill.

The Boundary Bay Central nest (De-570) is in the upper middle of the map; the Delta 2 (De-2) territory is a bit inland on the left/west side, our White Rock (WR) nest is on the right, and Surrey Reserve (SR) nest is on the far right/east side of the map, inland a bit from Semiahmoo Bay, which is the southeastern section of Boundary Bay.

Note, the map is for reference only; the exact location is not public to avoid any potential disruptions in the lives of the eagles and those living near them.  Thanks!

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