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My name is Christian Sasse – I was born in Britain, have lived in South Korea, Germany, Israel, South Africa and Sweden, and now reside in Vancouver, Canada.

Only one second- details of an explosive eagle ? takeoff- at 1050 frames per second. Watch every detail as the body compresses and the wings stretch to that max.
Eagle #Flight Dynamics (1050fps). Downward stroke -Tight feather and straight wing movement – causing low pressure above the wings. Upward stroke – Relax wing muscles and feathers to minimize drag. and use the low pressure for a free upward lift #dinosaurs #animation #raptors #BirdsOfPrey #birds #Slowmotion #Eagles #science

I have a PhD in Optics – I see everything in patterns and details – the reflection of lights, beautiful feathers of birds, iridescent colours of insects – I am fascinated by light and understand its properties. In photography, there are rule books that tell you, for instance, to never look against the light coming from the sun. I ignore everything. I just do. And I have learnt most of my skills by mistake – when I had a wrong setting on my camera and it did something incredible.

Eagles are my favourite photography subject – I mainly with a Nikon D5 camera body and 800mm f/5.6E telephoto lens. Recently I became fascinated with eagle flight dynamics, so I acquired a slow-motion camera operating at 1,000 frames per second or more to show meticulous details of wing and feather motions.

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Today I captured the most amazing eagle take off in slow motion. Watch the dynamics carefully as the eagle explodes like a compressed spring and stretches the wings to the maximum. All this happens in a split second. Also, look at the 10 primary and secondary feathers control the takeoff. And then the 10 tail feathers. Amazing? Sure – nature’s ingenious solutions. #slomo #dinasaurs #animation
Beautiful eagle takes off in 0.2 seconds – super slow motion with high speed camera. Look carefully how the eagle compresses like a spring and then explodes and into flight with a wing span of over 6ft / 2m. Also watch the upward movement of the tail feathers. Nature’s impressive engineering! #slomo #alaska #wildlife
Super #slowmotion 1000fps – Final landing approach in High wind. This shows the incredible flexibility of feathers and eagle wings! Just watch the tail feathers and the way the primary feathers spread to control every aspect. Only high-speed photography allows us to really understand the complexity of wing motion and control.
Four (final) Stages of Landing – Real-time vs Slow Motion (1000 fps, 35 x slower). Slow-motion gives us incredible opportunities to study the ingenious stages of flight, in this case, landing. during the final two wing strokes, a lot happens, which I have divided into four basic stages. I have added some lines for guidance. The first stage during forward stroke is the complete alignment of wings, tail feathers and legs. The second stage is the extension of legs getting ready for landing, tail perpendicular to cause a lot of drag and slow down. The third stage shows a much steeper angle in the forward wing motion, resulting in a drastic slow-down. The final stage is the complete forward stretch, followed by the forward wing movement to balance the forward momentum. I hope this was useful to you! If you like what you see, please give a like and drop a comment, I read them all! Thank you so much. #alaska
A juvenile eagle attacks an adult bald eagle who was not paying attention for a second. This happened so fast and looks brutal. The adult was fine afterward. This was in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
Have you ever wondered how an eagle controls his wings and why eagles can maneuver so well? Then take a look at this sequence which happens in only 2-3 seconds, and you will see fine details never seen before. This takes complete patience and determination.
Eagle attack at Deadliest Catch Boat- Cornelia Marie- super slow motion 1000 fps. This spectacular scene is in Dutch Harbor Alaska right where the Cornelia Marie is docked. Eagles have amazing flight control and their talons are deadly. The one coming from above is superior. Watch carefully
Alaskan Eagle Takeoff -super slomo – closeup- super slow motion 1000fps. This is a rare clip where the eagle almost flies directly into the camera. Observe the graceful wing motion and the fish in the talons. Cornelia Marie in the background. Enjoy this amazing slow motion treat.
Eagle Kerfuffle- super slow motion❤️❤️??- 1000fps – leftover from a fishing boat. Who gets it first? Soundtrack from scene added. #video #viralvideos #elite_raptors #metalisnature #eagles #awesomevideos #wildlifephotography #naturevideos #instagramvideos #amazingphotohunter #kings_birds_ #hunting #nature #birdwatching #wow #ourplanetdaily #natgeo #natgeowild ##vancouverisawesome #baldeagle #instagram #slowmotion fishing #alaska #ocean
Eagle landing on Beach – super slow motion 1000fps. ❤️❤️??
Eagle Body Slam – Feel Free to Share – Real-time vs Slow Motion Another direct comparison of real-time vs Slow motion (35 x slower). Here you are, one of the most dramatic clips I ever took! (Shown before, now in real-time comparison)
This is how I did it: Taken on the Aleutian Islands from a hill overlooking water where eagles were eating fish. I have a special high-speed camera as my ambition was always to show eagle feathers and wings as they move gracefully, with details completely hidden from us. When I pointed my camera (all handheld, manual focus) to an adult eagle eating fish and started filming, I suddenly saw feathers and had no idea what just happened. When I looked at the footage in the evening I was completely astounded by the scene I had taken. A juvenile eagle body-slams an adult for a fight over fish. Both eagles were fine, just another eagle squabble. I think by now you can see why I am hooked on slow motion. Are you? ?|| #alaska #wildlife #slomo