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Mission Harbour Dyke Nest Information

Hancock Wildlife Foundation built this nest on a pole in Mission, British Columbia, next to the Fraser River, and two cams were installed in September 2023.  If you look at the map further down the page, the nest is on the north side of the River, just to the right or east of the red marker for Mission Harbour.


September 28, 2023 – the cams are streaming!  Looks like a lovely place for eagles to hang out.

Mission Harbour Dyke East

Mission Harbour Dyke West

Nest History


I believe this nest on a pole was installed in the summer of 2023, in an area near the Fraser River where there are lots of fish and not many good trees for nesting, so we are hoping that a pair will move in to take over the nest and territory.  The cameras are being installed in September 2023, so 2024 will be our first year viewing the area and hopefully meeting the eagles who claim the new nest.

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Thanks to everyone who made this nest and these cams possible!
Nest Mi-222 is located at the beautiful Jack Poole Harbourside Park adjacent to the Fraser River in Mission BC, and was paid for by the City of Mission with the help of the Provincial and Federal Governments care of the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF). This installation was a coordinated effort between the Hancock Wildlife Foundation and the City of Mission, with external services provided by D&B Auger Services Inc, Boileau Electric & Pole Line Ltd, and Green Light Security.  The nest has been installed to replace a nest lost during the construction of the Fraser River Forcemain Crossing Project, a CWWF funded project.  Jack Poole Harbourside Park was chosen as an ideal location on the Fraser River in an unoccupied Bald Eagle territory with full access to power and communications, about 1.1 kilometres east of the noted project –
as the Eagle flies.


Nest Adoption

2024 Nesting Season – September 2023 – August 2024

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Nest Location

Map showing location of the HWF Mission Harbour Dyke bald eagle cam nest

Mission Harbour Dyke Bald Eagle Nest Mi-222
and surrounding area

The nest is on the North side of the Fraser River in Mission, British Columbia, just to the right or East of the red marker showing the location of Mission Harbour (map clicks bigger).

Note, the map is for reference only; the exact location is not public to avoid any potential disruptions in the lives of the eagles and those living near them.  Thanks!

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