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The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival is Back

– and so are the Eagles

Our Schedule is:

Saturday, November 25 and Sunday, November 26

9 am to 4 pm


With most of the FVBEF Committee retiring during the Covid challenge we have been waiting to reorganize local community support. We have finally got some key community people to meet, reform the FVBEF Committee and organize some events for the 2023 late November – early December gathering of the eagles on the Harrison Flats. 

Note: Oct 27, 2023: 582 eagles on the Harrison Flats — before the end of the month, as the north freezes up, they will be arriving 100 to 500 more per day. Usually by the Festival date we have about 2000 to 2500 eagles attending!! See you at the Sandpiper or the Kilby Museum.

 Will we get over 7000 eagles each day as we did with the last big Pink Salmon Run? Time will tell. Maybe more! Click the image below for an overall map of the area and events.

Map showing locations for the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Events: to be expanded – watch here.

Free Public Viewing: All day at the World’s biggest display of Eagles, the Gazebo Lookout at the Sandpiper Golf Course, just north of Highway 7 at the Morris Valley Road, will be our eagle experts with telescopes and tidbits of info. Come all!


Free Lecture: 1330 (1:30PM) at the Harrison Mills Hall on School Road just east of the H7 crossing. David Hancock will present Free: “Why the Harrison Eagles Invasion”

Update – Good News and Bad News

The good news is that there are no recovering eagles at OWL waiting to be released – there are many healthy happy eagles in the Fraser Valley, but (the bad news) no candidates for the bald eagle release planned for November 22nd.  We apologize for the inconvenience for those of you who have made plans to attend – and encourage you to continue checking this page in case something changes.  And please do come to the festival and see all the eagles – it’s amazing!  Thank you!

The release had been planned to be held at the Sandpiper on Wednesday November 22 at 11 am. You can see more about our eagles with transmitters here:


Two other events are anticipated but not yet confirmed:

Boat tours of the River – to put the eagles at your boat deck – fee $ – nyd

Second lecture 1100 at same Harrison Mills Hall site – also Free.


Watch this HWF space: for Festival events or the Season of the Wild local tourist association calendar, or the Sandpiper Golf Course web site

Harrison First Nations Spirit Trees