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Hi all:

Hancock here — Report on the “beginnings” of the Croydon Outrage.

First, let me thank all our directors, HWF supporters who helped and got very wet and the 30++ mail-forwarders from all those lower mainland conservation organizations who kept telling their members that this is important – and many who arrived wet. Thank you not just for all the work and the kind words but for recognizing that this is an important landmark.

Croydon in the rain can definitely be wonderful – in spite of vandalized bald eagle nest and tree – it was wonderful to hear what this nest – and others in the Valley – has meant to so many. Eagles have always been iconic to me – but always so reassuring that this species means so much for all habitat lovers.

I was so busy doing over 10 interviews that I hardly had time to thank the soggy participants and particularly all the writers, producers and camera crews who logged it out. Thanks.

I just noted that the last item to arrive was from Dennis Watson who posted us to his “Gangster Out Blog” – and posted the attached images that show some of the “Outrageous Followers” – thanks Dennis.

So now where?  Now the two big issues.

1. We have to keep this Croydon Eagle Vandalism – hot and center. I want an eagle’s nest right away. The developer must surely be given this note. So here is ‘his’ moment to stand up and be counted as a positive force in Surrey. My number is: David 604 761-1025. Lets find some alternative for these eagles IMMEDIATELY – it does not have to be right on this spot and it does not have to involve pleading guilty to this vandalism. What this ‘goodness means is getting this wrong righted – and immediately”. This landowner is known – does he have a family who wants to be proud of him? Let’s make the eagles and the Surrey Residents happy.

2. This region is about to go into Civic Political Elections – we now need to develop a set of questions to probe the heart and minds of those wishing to seek our votes. This note is to those 30+ organizations OR ANY INDIVIDUALS who can help pose the right questions. Please write me. [i][/i].

Thanks to all,
David Hancock

Mike Seear’s letter