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The 2018 Eagle Festival was an incredible success – more eagles and more people attended than ever before.  See my report: Hancock here: 2018 Report:- Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Photographers were among the biggest numbers present – everybody seemed to have two cameras.  Now I need to have some of your better shots, stills and videos, for use in the promotion AND analysis of the Festival.  Please do not send images/videos that we cannot use in FVBEF or HWF publications, most likely on the web or presentations about the Festival.  We will always attempt to give credits.

We want as high a resolution as possible:  particularly of people events, eagles and people, even people doing what they should not that might disrupt eagles.  We want to document both wonderful shots of eagles but particularly interaction shots – people-people and people-wildlife.  We also want interesting stories of ‘happenings at the Festival’!

If you have one or two please email to me:  and if you have too big a file to email please do so via Google Drop Box.  If you do not have this accessible, I will send you access to our DropBox.

Much thanks,
David Hancock.