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The Great Gathering Of Eagles

Fraser Valley, B.C. Nov 17/18, 2018

The Harrison River – Chehalis Flats hosts the world’s largest annual gathering of bald eagles – likely up to 35,000 of them pass through this area each fall and during later November and throughout December it is likely to find 4,000 to 10,000 along the Harrison shoreline in a 3 km section.

These eagles are here for one reason — to continue their 6-month feast on spawned-out salmon that started in the Yukon, Alaska and northern British Columbia rivers in late June and July.  Then as the fish carcasses diminish, either being eaten out, washed out to deep water or finally frozen from the ice of winter, these eagles move southward where very conveniently the salmon spawn later.

The Annual Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival is a two-day free family event that is designed to honour this natural phenomenon while edu-taining the visitors about nature and the environment.

The festival organizes viewing sites on both land and water with expert interpreters ready to answer questions and share local information.  There is an indoor exhibitor’s hall full of nature and educational display, nature walks, keynote speakers, and various other exciting nature-inspired activities in the festival region that begins in Mission and stretches to Harrison Mills.

For the most up to date information about the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival  or contact Jo-Anne Chadwick, Festival Coordinator at (604) 826-6914.


Exhibitors Wanted

The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival was created to educate the public while sparking an interest in nature, the environment, and if lucky, an untapped enthusiasm for the ecosystem.

The indoor Exhibitor’s Hall at Harrison Mills is set up to showcase like-minded organizations and we invite exhibitors to join us for the weekend and assist the FVBEF Society in our mission. There is no charge for Non-profit organizations to become a part of the event. Simply register and bring your set up on the festival weekend.  REGISTRATION LINK

Volunteers Needed

The FVBEF Society consists of a handful of dedicated volunteers that have a shared passion for nature and the area.  The festival committee meets about 12 times a year and together plan and shape the annual 2-day event. As with many not-for-profit organizations, the group is simply not able to function without them.  The Society currently has a couple of vacancies within the planning group and would welcome new faces around the table.  If you are interested in joining the fun, please contact Jo-Anne (Festival Chair)

A second volunteer opportunity exists around the actual weekend of the event.  The following volunteer roles are available:

The “Ask Me” Local Ambassadors – Boots on the ground positions at various sites to help answer questions and suggest activities and locations to visit. Training can be provided.

Harrison Mills Hall Volunteers – The hall needs people to help set up on Friday afternoon as well as take down on Sunday.  Also, volunteers are required to answer questions and monitor the official “Festival Table”

If you are interested in possibly volunteering on the Festival weekend (Nov 16/17/18) please contact Liisa at