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Final Season Eagle Tours:  Liam, the new owner of the Fraser River Safari Tours has decided to offer 3 more days of Eagle Watching this weekend, December 15, 16 & 17 – Saturday, Sunday and Monday. A great gift for those people enjoying seeing a thousand eagles. Well he is not guaranteeing that but we have been seeing 3000 to 7000 on each of the past few weekends. Call him for a booking: 1-866-348-6877 – I will be aboard to count and discuss.

Second great item:  we caught a south Surrey Bald Eagle Breeder last week and while the bird spent most of its first week hunting the various tributaries of the Little Campbell River for spawned-out salmon carcasses this past week, yesterday it confirmed something we have wondered about. Do our south Surrey breeders go over to the Vancouver Landfill in Delta – well this one did a quick visit there yesterday – and back to its Surrey Nest a couple of hours later. So far this male does not appear to have visited the Semiahmoo Bay, an area we thought it had some territorial rights to. On the other hand, perhaps this is not the season to find food at Semiahmoo. Today we caught another adult at the landfill – you can follow these birds at – tracking. Is this new adult still heading south, a northern bird going to winter here or is it another local breeder foraging the Landfill. Time will tell.

Have a great Xmas and perhaps I will see you on the weekend.

David Hancock.