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Hi All:  and I mean all.  What a wonderful afternoon and evening getting the D2 nest cam bowl cleaned, several annoying twigs removed, the huge dead limbs removed, and all the details requested attended to.  First, a great thanks for Stan Pennors of Cambium Tree Solutions, who did an incredible job in removing all the dangerous dead limbs that overhung the nest, changed the two very dirty CAM bowls, and answered directly the many phone calls from you mods to make sure the nest CAMS are performing to capacity.

And then of course there are you, our mods, who knew each and every blemish that disrupted viewing and spoke directly with Stan up the tree to make sure he removed every blemish.  So wonderful!

This tree I thought was on its last legs.  Stan, with many years of pruning as background, has given me a good bunch of suggestions of possibly extending the nest tree’s life 4 or 5 years.

Again, thanks to all.