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I had reviewed the Nest needs with Darlene and Judy and the decision was that this year we would simply clean the cam domes and cut out some dead-wood as several of the tree’s branches had died and were potentially contributing to the nest’s earlier demise.

Myles climbed the tree without trouble under a sunny sky – something quite different from our failed Sunday attempt.  The only raptor seen today was a merlin that almost landed in the tree beside him – before flying off.

The cams were cleaned, the sound cables ‘squeezed’ to try and take away the occasional hummm. A couple of the ominous dead branches were removed and Myles descended without incident. A job well done. Jean Bobbett, and Judy Barrows from the east coast, conversed with Myles to confirm all removable marks were taken off the dome.

Thanks to all.

David Hancock.