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Tomorrow, Sunday, and next weekend, both Saturday & Sunday, Liam is inviting a few “Bubble Groups” onboard our special eagle counting trip. I hope – expect to see upward of 5000 + eagles each day. Several of you might not have seen a 100 eagles on a single trip so this might be a great opportunity.

It was about mid December a few years back I counted over 7000 eagles in under 3 miles of shoreline. This was about half the eagles in the Harrison – Chehalis Flats that day. This season the numbers have been fewer but they are arriving daily as the north has still not totally frozen all the carcasses under ice — meaning they find their last food here on the Harrison.

Most tours are about 1 ½ hours long in his all weather heated boat. There can be 3 tours in the day: 10:00 AM. 12:30 noon and 2:30 PM. I hope to make 3 counting surveys in the day.

Call Liam for one of these “special count tours:  1- 866-348-6877 –

Hope to see you.


Please check the British Columbia Center for Disease Control for the latest provincial Travel Advisory before booking your tickets.