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Loki has come through again.  I think she is going to be a real winner.  So far in a months life she has fledged, hit a power line and survived, been recuperated by the OWL team, supported our BETA03 tracking devise, travelled 300 miles north to Bella Coola and now has travelled to the mouth of the Nass River.  Such a rich journey of experiences.  She is now literally across the ‘road’ from Alaska.

If she follows northward up the Portland Canal she will be at that interesting junction of BC and AK — where Stewart, BC and Hyder, Ak for a long time shared an US-CAnada border that had no customs.  Then Canadiana found out that most of the contraband guns appearing in Canada came across that border crossing.  Now we have a border checkpoint  – maybe someone will see you.  Hyder is also a great grizzly bear viewing site. What a wonderful journey.

Will she get up to Haines, AK and the Chilkat River Bald Eagle at Haines?   After the Harrison River and Squamish River this is the site of the large salmon spawning and the 3rd largest gathering of bald eagles.

This is our first Fraser Valley reared eaglet we are getting to follow. What an incredible start.