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Hancock here: anybody following our eagles MUST read and understand this incredible review of bald eagle habitat degradation and what it means to our favorite bird. Of course the degradation is totally across habitats, the destruction of river and intertidal habitats that affect so many species. This review by our BC Nature President, Harry Crosby is a call to arms — please read and act – wherever you are rivers determine life on land.

“ October 20, 2021 An Open Letter from BC Nature to our provincial and federal representatives. BC Nature, a federation of more than 50 naturalists’ clubs with more than 6000 members throughout BC, emphasizes that the natural health and wealth of the Fraser River and its estuary is important to all of BC; indeed, to all of Canada. Yet the lower Fraser, from Hope to the river delta, has already lost more than 70 percent of its natural habitat, and is now under further threat from environmental degradation as a result of projects such as Roberts Bank Terminal 2.

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