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Hancock here:  The Ralph Edwards Lonesome Lake story kind of hit home with me. I indeed hope the funds are raised to purchase this Tweedsmuir Park inholding, so the entire area is protected. (To those who missed the international announcement: The Ralph Edwards Homestead, the heart of British Columbia’s Tweedsmuir Park is going up for private sale. A group of concerned citizens are promoting that it be purchased by public donation – I fully support this!)

Some of your followers will know I learned to fly in the same aircraft as Ralph Edwards in 1953 and we often talked at the Victoria Airport where the lessons took place. His first book was the third book that started my extensive library. I took him up years later on visiting his homestead when I had my own float plane. Then a bit later when I started Hancock House Publishers I early on commissioned Ed Gould to go and live with him for two months to do an update. This was slightly pre-updated in publication of a book I commissioned on his daughter Trudy Edwards, a book that really tells the full Trumpeter Swan story, and that was followed by Ralph’s sisters book Ruffles on My Longjohns, about their life on the next homestead up the Lake and finally only about 15 years ago we did Trudy’s updated biography ín her own words of life at both Lonesome Lake and slightly above on the Turner Lakes. So, with four books and nearly 70 years of involvement with the family, including being the storage place for his son’s film collection for many years, Trudy’s daughters occasional visit to our guest bedroom during her North American travels, I kind of feel strongly attached to this wonderful family and about preserving this heritage.

I will gladly donate a set of these 4 volumes to the purchaser or to that person contributing the largest sum to the purchase of the Homestead. If there is a possibility of the person coordinating this sale, and if they can make a draw from all the other non final donors, I would donate a second set of the books to them — and a third set to the person organizing this purchase.

All 4 of the books are available at …. Email:

David Hancock