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2848 eagles Nov. 14  What a wonderful Covid 19 day.  The normal 24 passenger tour boat took 5 guests and we had an incredible hour on the river.  Eagles were everywhere.  Fish carcasses were piled high on many of the bars, the log booms trapped many others.  Seals were abundant working the fresh run salmon still coming in from the ocean.

Everybody, including two Covid doctors who guided our security measures, was thrilled. I only had a small lens and was concentrating on trying to pick out our banded and gps tagged eagles to no avail.  But wonderful images were captured by everybody aboard.  The shores had another 50 fisherman reeling in fresh searun coho.  Three counting and cutting crews were recording the 5 salmondi species that had spawned out and died. They “cut” the counted carcasses in halves so they are not counted again.  Two half salmon don’t get recounted as one!

Liam will be undertaking tours through Xmas and the number of eagles should be increasing until mid December.  Book a tour through Fraser River Safari Tours  — but only in small family groups.  What a great Thanksgiving and Xmas gift  — and what an incredible experience for an eagle fan.  If you ask I will go along as a guide.


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Eagle on count dump 2.NEF
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