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World’s Largest Gathering of Bald Eagles

The following sites are clustered around Harrison Mills, BC where the largest concentration of Bald Eagles was documented (7362 on Dec 18, 2010 within 1.5 km. of the Tower Cams!!).  This is also the site of the annual Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival.  When the spawning salmon have died off and been eaten out, the Chehalis Underwater cam will only show a few trout, not the thousands of salmon presently passing the cam.  The Chehalis Tower cam will show only a few non-breeders and some of the 6 pairs of locally nesting eagles, but the Harrison Mills and the nearby Mission Bald Eagle Nest cams will be showing the bald eagle breeding cycle.

Underwater CamChehalis East Tower CamChehalis West Tower Cam

Harrison Mills Nest North PTZ CamHarrison Mills Nest South PTZ CamMission PTZ Cam

Underwater Camera


The Chehalis Flats Tower Cams are offline until Fall 2013
please visit our other cams, and see the eagles return
and get their nests ready for another nesting season!


Chehalis Flats Tower PTZ East


Chehalis Flats Tower PTZ West


Link to Harrison Mills Bald Eagle Cams

Link to Mission Bald Eagle Cam


Map – Chehalis River Estuary

The Chehalis River is a tributary of the Harrison River, which is in turn a major tributary of the Fraser River. The Chehalis is the river surrounded by white on this link from Google Maps


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