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Several big things about to break.

The new HWF Web site is about to open. The crew led by JudyB has been working hard to get the new site, based on WordPress, functional. All the live streams, Archives etc. are being transferred. The Forum will be the same but embedded into our new site. There is need for a few people to help with re-posting existing data pages into the new Biology Reference Section. If you have a few hours to donate please drop me a note and one of the key people will assign you some files to transfer.

1. Needed: a few keeners to take the existing posted files from our “updated archives” and post them to the new Web site. Call David: 1-604-538-1114 or

2. The BETA Project ( Bald Eagle Tracking Alliance) is just underway and we will be plotting the movements of the live bald eagles we are trapping and tagging. Our initial plan is to trap 8 adults (well perhaps 7 adults and one 2 yr. and 11 mo. old male that we tagged earlier this week.)  With these birds out flying around with our GPS tracker sending back data on their locations we hope to excite some of you into sponsoring some of these eagles.  It costs about $5000 Canadian for each tracker but there is only about $300 annual costs for sending back the data.  We are hoping to hold contests so you can buy into the sponsorship of each bird.  Perhaps we will have naming contests and then get additional “Bald Eagle Tracker Sponsorship”.  To get this program underway we are seeking someone or a few of you who will take the daily incoming data and plot it on the “Bald Eagle Movement Maps” (or whatever name you come up with?!?)  Who would like to help with plotting the Bald Eagle Tracking Data to the Web?

3. Needed: several people with some minimal interest in developing or already having some skills on how to take the original videos and cut them to size for posting on Web. Call David: 1-604-538-1114 or

4. Video Editors Needed: who of you knows a bit about editing videos?  We have dozens, probably a 100 or more files covering everything from the present eagle trapping & tagging activities to our annual tree climbing & cam cleaning – installation activities.  We also have files of ground observations from many sites that need condensing.  We want a few people who have a video editing program to take our files and convert them into 1 to 3 minute stories. Can you do this?  Every banded bird will have its own story of capture and tagging to support that bird’s travel records.

5. Needed: We need some people who like to manipulate videos (plus assemble stories of stills!) to assemble short stories for posting to the Web.  Call David: 1-604-538-1114 or