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Hancock Here:  We need input on 2017 CAMS Site Repairs & Nest Building.

We seek suggestions on where CAMs need repairs or specifics on cleaning, nests that need repair or where we should be installing new Nest Platforms and/or CAMS.

Below is my first draft of what work is required for repairing CAMS or repairing or building new nest platforms during our ‘safe window following fledging’.  All this work must of course be done while the adult eagles are off on their northern migration.  Our safest window in this area is: Aug. 24 thru Sept. 12.

This note is to make sure you, our viewer or our keeners, notifies us of any necessary or recommended repairs and potential installations.  For new installations of CAMs we obviously need a sponsor.  For installations of new platforms to encourage nesting we either need a sponsor or we might have the funds in the existing HWF Nest Mitigation Fund.  This fund is contributed to by you donors or from our consulting fees on various mitigation projects where we have been invited to participate.

Please contact me via Karen:

Developing Plans for:  2017 –  Nest/CAM  Repairs + New Nest Building

1.  CAMS:  Clean or service or supplement?  What’s needed for 2017?

a. Delta 2 CAM:

b. White Rock CAM:

c. Harrison Mills CAM:

d. Do we install any additional CAMS in 2017?

[b]2. Nests to (i) repair or (ii) build new for 2017:

(i) Repair:

e.  OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Soc.) Site HWF #134 B MT:  Needs rebuilding – new plastic net, large and small branches

Climber:  ML/DH

f.  Lafarge HWF #136 C APN : Needs about 8 bundles of small to medium branches.

Lafarge supply lift + HWF branches ML/DH

g. Nelson St. – HWF #138.5 APN:
  Needs about 8 bundles of small to medium branches.

HWF supply lift + HWF branches  DH/ML

h.  Boundary Bay Dyke MT – HWF #477 MT:
 Needs some additional medium + small branches wired-in.

Climber:  ML/DH

i.  Are any other nests in need of repair?

(ii) Build New:

j.  White Rock Cliffs – HWF #403 B MT:  This nest has been falling for 2 years.  Needs total new nest platform in tree PMT-SU-09.

Climber:  ML/DH

k. Surrey BE Preserve – HWF #043 G MT:   Build as already planned new platform.

Climber: ML/DH

l. Surrey – Suggested Options:

m.  Are there any other nest sites that others believe should be modified or the existing nest repaired?