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Dear Mr Trudeau:

I have spent 80+ years on this coast — the last 60 as a coastal biologist and if humanity has undertaken one annual invasive sin to the world it revolves around our total devastation of the SINGLE most important link in the west coast food chains — the herring as a key food element to so many species.

I watched our human greed unnecessarily destroy the herring stocks in the 1960’s and now have to watch as our simple greed, the greed to satisfy a tiny few, continues to prevent these stocks returning.  Whether it is the salmon, the marine mammals, the cod and halibut, the eagles, wolves and bears OR our humans we all would massively benefit if you shut down the herring harvest IMMEDIATELY for a couple of years. Our country would greatly benefit but for this very narrow short-term greed that continues to deplete this resource.

Please show some common-sense and stop this herring harvest now.

David Hancock