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Would you like to assist in telling the stories of our eagles?

Volunteers are the heart of HWF — but I have never asked for people to assist in editing short video presentations. These could be 1 to 5 minutes long — some longer! The person would need a video editing program but not need to have huge experience BUT have a willingness to participate. I have been accumulating short stories of trapping and banding eagles, attending eagle releases, looking at various specialty eagle challenges at each Nest for many many years. Once we got into broadcasting Live Streaming CAMS and attracting many wonderful photographers I felt I did not need to present my interpretations as we had lots of others. Notable, Christian Sasse has become a key contributor.

Christian and many of the other very accomplished photographers have repeatedly offered to contribute any of their materials to our Foundation stories. So the material available is quite extraordinary and it is very likely that we could produce a whole series of short videos that helped tell the wonderful story of eagles.

What I need is one or more people with a bit of time and an interest in editing these files of videos and stills into short stories. I have been writing short captions to lead off or at least give guidance to the editor. I could also do voice over if necessary. These item would be mounted on HWF News, Eagle Info, Live Tracking etc. They could also be key in bringing the story of eagle biology to the public. I have finally got down, with the ‘stay at home restrictions of late’ to filing all my 22 years productivity data to my Data Base and to reviewing and filing in hundreds of sub-files, many eagle stories that with the additions of Christian’s and other’s files should give our eagles another boost.

It would be wonderful if someone lived close but this is certainly not essential as I can mount each subject file on the Cloud and the editor work from there. Do I hear anyone wanting to give this a try? Please call me directly and we can discuss: or call me 604 761-1025