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Surrey Reserve Bald Eagle Nest: the Background

Dawson & Sawyer:  Sponsor of Surrey Reserve CAMS

Dawson & Sawyer were the second developers who approached me (David Hancock) wanting advice on how to develop the south Surrey region that contained an active bald eagle nest (Surrey Reserve Nest = SR).  Before 2010 a developer was advised to contact me about a plan to develop about 10 acres around a bald eagle nest I had been following for over 20 years.  My proposal to dedicate a small area for about 100 fine trees, including 5 very substantial 120-foot-tall Black Cottonwoods, was apparently rejected by the developer.  I heard nothing more – and no development on this specific site was happening though many nearby subdivisions were growing houses – ad-nauseam – with no trees in sight!

Then 4 years later I get a call from Sam Hooge of Dawson & Sawyer, a condo/small home developer.  “Was my earlier Mitigation Plan given to a previous developer still valid?”  he asked.  We met, reviewed the site with its now much reduced neighboring forest replaced by houses.          (Cont’d here)