Hancock Here!

From time to time, David Hancock fills us in on what’s been going on at the Hancock Wildlife Foundation:

While bald eagles regularly nest on the ground there are some interesting recent ‘different examples.’ The current nestings along the Eastern Barrier Islands certainly speaks to the eagles finding what they think is safe nesting sites. My big concern is will these sites be considered safe if the adults see ...
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Dear Mr Trudeau: I have spent 80+ years on this coast -- the last 60 as a coastal biologist and if humanity has undertaken one annual invasive sin to the world it revolves around our total devastation of the SINGLE most important link in the west coast food chains -- ...
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Final Season Eagle Tours:  Liam, the new owner of the Fraser River Safari Tours has decided to offer 3 more days of Eagle Watching this weekend, December 15, 16 & 17 – Saturday, Sunday and Monday. A great gift for those people enjoying seeing a thousand eagles. Well he is ...
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Hancock here  -- some wonderful numbers of eagles are appearing at the Harrison! This is your last 'rushed moments' before Xmas to either give an interesting gift of a boat tour or go on one yourself. Fraser River Safari Tours, with me aboard as guide, will be offering tours on ...
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Harrison River eagle counts:  will we have a new record?  As some of you know I saw this year’s early northern cold spell as a "good-omen" - it should drive the eagles south in big numbers - and early.  So far, I guessed it right.  On the Fraser River Bald ...
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Biography of David Hancock

Biologist, conservationist, writer, publisher, and lecturer, David Hancock has spent most of his life studying west coast and arctic wildlife. He has published scientific and popular papers on whales, seals, seabirds, grouse, and his specialty, the northern raptors. Prior to starting Hancock House Publishers, David was a pilot and wildlife film producer and produced films on these subjects as well as the Haida and other northern Native cultures. His books include The Bald Eagles of Alaska, BC and Washington, Rocky Mountain Wildlife, and The Tlingit:Their Art & Culture
David received worldwide acclaim given to the Live Bald Eagle Video Cam which he pioneered streaming on the Internet. His current study on The Urban Bald Eagle of Vancouver BC has turned up over 360 nesting pairs in the greater Vancouver area.

David Hancock is an enthusiastic and dynamic lecturer and has a fine collection of slides to illustrate a number of themes. His studies and travels have taken him to all continents of the world, and he frequently addresses conservation societies on the conservation and creation of better bald eagle habitat, the turacos of the world, the grouse of the world, arctic adventures and an African photo safari — just a few of his pet topics.

David does not charge for his lectures to conservation or educational groups but does require travel cost reimbursement and readily accepts an honorarium to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation for more CAM or eagle research.

David’s favorite power point presentations are on the “Success and Challenges for Bald Eagles”, various conservation issues or the role of Live Wildlife CAMs in Science and Education.

David is also available for consultation on getting bald eagles to nest in your area OR on your property.

As a publisher/writer/photographer for over 40 years he is also called upon to lecture on the publishing industry, getting published, non-fiction writing, and photojournalism.

To contact David Hancock:

Telephone: (604)538-1114
Fax: (604)538-2262